Pamela Payge Releases Irresistible “Juice”

Pamela Payge Releases Irresistible “Juice”

Vietnamese American singer-songwriter Pamela Payge releases her new single/music video, “Juice,” an appetizer for her upcoming EP scheduled to drop in early 2023.

Pamela explains, “‘Juice’ is a reminder to all the baddies that they still got it, no matter what life has thrown their way!”

Born in the Philippines, Pamela moved to the U.S. where she was raised by her single mom, who was a singer in the Philippines. Pamela followed in her mother’s footsteps. To Pamela, singing is more than vocals. It’s heartfelt lyrics that connect to people, motivate, and inspire self-respect.

An entrepreneur, when Pamela isn’t running her business, making music, or being a mother, she gives back to the community. While growing up, she was impoverished and hungry. She now volunteers at the San Diego food bank.

According to Pamela, “It makes me feel good helping others, especially those that need food. Trust me, I know how it feels. If you are reading this, and if you have free time, volunteer to feed the hungry. Don’t be shy if you do it by yourself. I volunteer on my own also. I truly believe that if the whole world eats equally, we’d all get along peacefully.”

A kid at heart, Pamela loves to play dress-up with her daughter, saying that the adage “You don’t stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun” is truly her motto.

“Juice” opens on gleaming, emerging tones flowing into an EDM-flavored tune with hints of pop and hip-hop. A thumping kick drum drives the rhythm as swirling leitmotifs ride overhead, imbuing the song with alluring harmonics. Pamela’s flow, at once melodious and captivating, infuses the rhymes with dazzling timbres.

“Juice” conveys a “she gets what she wants, and she knows it” type of vibe, simultaneously empowering and hypnotic.

Pamela Payge has it going on! With “Juice,” she parades her gift for songwriting, as well as her swanky, evocative voice.

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