Mac Glitzy Grew-Up Not Wearing Any Shoes !

Mac Glitzy Grew-Up Not Wearing Any Shoes !

Hey thanks for meeting me here at Toi on Sunset” can I interview you real brief for our Hollywood Magazine? So tell me about this, you’re great Grandparents owned a circus? Mac Glitzy: Yeah so my grandmothers, grandparents, so that would be like my great-great grandparents came from Sicily to West Virginia and they were all circus performers they owned a circus in West Virginia called “Burlingami Bros. Circus” and my grandmother always wanted to be in the circus but her dad (my great grandfather) was always like “No, the carney life is not for you” but she always used to tell me spicy stories about her in the summer dating trapeze artists, sword swallowers, and fire breathers. People used to come up to me, older people, when I was a little kid and say, “Oh you’re grandma used to have a bear and monkeys”, and I would be so confused, thinking they were just telling a little kid a story or joking around, but they were serious. My grandmother Lou grew up with all these exotic animals in her house. And I don’t know, I guess that’s why I like to perform so much is because I have circus blood, circus freak flowing through me.

You used to live in a motel when you first moved to LA?

Mac Glitzy: Yes when I first moved to Los Angeles, I was nineteen and I used to live in Burbank and in a motel that you used to be able to pay for by the week with another Italian girl from Pittsburgh. She had moved here to be an actress and I wanted to do music. It had a little kitchen, and it was interesting to share a super tiny motel room for many months with someone else. It ended up getting really expensive so I had to find somewhere else to live after that, but yeah I used to live in a motel…

Any new releases I should be on the look out for this Spring 2024?

Mac Glitzy: This Spring my song “Butterflies” will be out, it will be on all music streaming platforms and you can watch the music video that’s already out on my Youtube channel, but yeah check out my song “Butterflies”.

Now I read that you’re other great grandma was a vaudeville flapper in Chicago, IL. And sold some of her kids?

Mac Glitzy: Um, yeah, well more or less you could say. I don’t know if she was for sure a vaudeville flapper but she definitely had that look. She looked a lot like Betty Boop from the old photos I have seen. She immigrated from Sicily to the Illinois area in 1929. She arrived in America with three little kids, and had three more once she got here, she couldn’t afford to take care of her self, family, or live so she ended up in a flop house so the story goes, so she sold some of her kids! One of them being my grandpa and some of his brothers. But yeah its kind of a F’ed up sad story , because my grandfather was around eleven years old when she said see ya later I don’t want you anymore. So yeah those Sicilians be out here wild’n out, out here.

You grew up in the Appalachian rust belt, what was that like coming from there?

Mac Glitzy: Yes so I did grow up in the Appalachian rust belt, very small, rural towns, there wasn’t a whole lot to do so I feel as if I had to use my imagination a lot. We had a movie theater, and a Walmart, so if you wanted to go to something like the mall you had to drive 30-40 minutes into downtown Pittsburgh. But yeah it was very chill, and its very pretty there. My favorite thing about it was going around barefoot in the spring and summer seasons. I wasn’t walking all over the entire town no shoes, but one of my grandmothers lived just 6 to 10 minutes down the block and I would always walk barefoot from our home to her house barefoot. So that was very cool to not have to wear any shoes back home.

Mac Glitzy Grew-Up Not Wearing Any Shoes !

Tell me Glitzy, what were you lie in highschool?

Mac Glitzy: Oh my gosh, so in high school I was definitely big time a geek. I was into like theatre, choir, marching band. I was such a little guido though, all about tanning, working out. Fun fact: (well not really fun for me at the time) all my friends had a different lunch break time than I did in high school so it was quite like that scene from the cult classic “Mean Girls” where she’s like eating alone in the bathroom. I ate my lunch for the last two years of school in the library by myself. However it was kind of a good thing because I would learn my lines, do my homework, study a new song I needed to learn, so I invested in me. But yeah no one would let me sit with them, I would be like hey do you mind if I sit here a little bit, promise I won’t intervene or eavesdrop on you’re conversation and the students would hurry to put their text books in the seat and be like “you can’t sit here”. So yep, I was a geek back then.

What’s you’re song “Butterflies truly about?

Mac Glitzy: So my song “Butterflies” that’s out is about like that first love, that butterfly feeling. You know when you’re in high school maybe that first kiss, those first dates, maybe somebody obsessed with you or your obsessing over them. That butterfly feeling that they given you. Uh so yeah, Butterflies!

Well thank you so much for you’re time and sharing this experience with the my publication, best of luck to everything you are doing and future Mac Glitzy!

West Hollywood CA Jenna Tooters