Time Just Float Away | New Song by Isaac (The Fire Hawk)

Time Just Float Away | New Song by Isaac (The Fire Hawk)

This is an excellently composed new song by Isaac (The Fire Hawk) Middleton, AKA Isaac M and wow I just kept replaying it. This song just came out and it is already getting many plays. Isaac M has a few albums out already and he has been on tour a few times which includes traveling around the world. Performing in Australia, Virginia, California, and Texus just to name a few places. 

Isaac M took a break and most thought that he was retired and was done with it but to everyone’s surprise he came out with two new albums over the last four years and he has been active ever since. Once I was able to talk to him I Found out that he has been acting and producing a podcast called the JB&I Show. So, he has been active the whole time.

Isaac M is doing so much and I am happy to see him back. Acting, Singing, writing, and hosting. The stage is set for him to do extremely well in this most difficult industry of ours, the entertainment industry. So, checkout Isaac M and his new release, Time Just Float Away. 

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