Fadi Awad Releases His New EP “Feeling So Bright”!

Fadi Awad Releases His New EP “Feeling So Bright”!

“And Yes, our ship is sailing again, better and stronger than ever”, said Fadi Awad While smiling and continued: “I thank so much all our supporters for being there once again and for appreciating our new production. This will help us promoting stronger our new project in which we have introduced new faces like we promised to always do. And these new faces are as much talented as the old gold ones who worked with us in all the past projects and who I appreciate a lot and love, and still have the possibility to work in a new project with any of them at any time… I also thank again and again everyone who believed and still believing in us, hoping to always be able to make new projects and achievements that meet their expectations!”

“Feeling So Bright” is a brand new positive motivational 5 versions EP done by The Multi-Awards Winner and the multi-charted artist Fadi Awad featuring the top singer and songwriter Victoria Cristiu, with the special participation of the duo producers Martini And Parlanti who have done a wonderful dance version in the EP, other than the bomb big room mix and the original version and the radio edit and instrumental that were done by Fadi Awad.

The EP is supported by “Promo Only, Canada”, lead the “Club/DJ Mix Show” category of the Masspool Charts, was charted in the Euro Indie Charts, and currently charted in the AIC Charts (America Independent Charts), and moving forward… It’s released officially on all the platforms, played on many radio stations and venues, as well as supported by many top DJs worldwide… We advise everyone to support it as much as they can, wishing the best of luck for the artist Fadi Awad in all what he does all the way!

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The EP Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/feeling-so-bright-feat-victoria-cristiu-ep/1753050491