Natalie Shay drops her new EP titled “Milk” which is full of growth and self-reflection

Natalie Shay drops her new EP titled “Milk” which is full of growth and self-reflection

Released under two weeks ago, Natalie Shay has given us a six-track EP, titled “Milk”, which has certainly got us self-reflecting and prepared to start afresh – we all need to do this from time to time. This EP release follows up her single “Heaven”, which is the last track on the EP.

Natalie Shay is an indie-pop artist hailing from North London, UK, and is currently rising quickly internationally with millions of Spotify streams on her tracks, with her feature on Grum’s song “Stay” being her most-streamed track with over 1.5 million streams thanks to Above & Beyond including the track on their “Anjunabeats Volume 14” compilation album, whilst her feature on Kryder’s single “Rapture” has over 800,000 streams. She’s gone on to sell out venues including the Camden Assembly as well as performing her song “New Wave” on CBBC’s “Saturday Mash Up!” late last year. Her music career has led to her performing at renowned festivals such as Reading, Y Not, Hyde Park BTS and 110 Above. It’s all building up amazingly for Natalie Shay and she’s proving that she belongs within the music industry. We’re excited to see where her career takes her.

The six-track EP, “Milk”, has been co-written by Natalie Shay with each of the songs sporting a different co-writer and producer including Kaity Rae, Jemma Lou, Will Paterson, James William Clarke (aka Sfven), Jonathan Vears, Joseph Wander, and George Gianluca Cunningham. The EP starts off with “New Wave” bringing an indie-pop-rock that is Natalie Shay’s signature sound and it’s addictive, honest, and bright, spreading positivity. “Medicine Boy” is the second track, following on perfectly, slowing it down and giving us versatility, with Natalie Shay giving a raw emotional vocal during the verses, and delivering a more upbeat chorus full of strength.

The third track is “Outgrow”, which has a starry backing track with a rhythmic drum beat, while the lyrics are full of self-reflection, making this a bit on the ballad side with hints of raw spiritual pop and rock. “Good Girl Behaviour” follows next adding a more upbeat melody with Natalie Shay impressing completely vocally, full of passion and integrity. The fifth track, “Two Sparks”, hits the listener hard as soon as it’s played, this is a total stand-out track and one we can’t get enough of; lyrically, the song is about love and having a spark with someone but knowing it wouldn’t work, it’s so honest, so personal, and so relatable to many, and Natalie Shay just blows us away with her delivery of this song.

The last track is “Heaven”, which was the latest single released, prior to the release of this EP, and it ends the EP exactly the way it should, keeping the listener interested with the intricate and complex backing track accompanied by Natalie Shay’s awesome vocals and emotional lyrics – this is one of those tracks that makes us listen to the whole EP a second and third time.

“Every track is about growth or new beginnings or reflecting on myself, in particular, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Outgrow’. I always write from the heart and from my own experiences and stories. My whole aim with lyricism is to connect with others who are in that frame of mind now or have been there in the past to relate,” Natalie Shay confesses when talking about her EP. “I hope I can inspire other girls, in particular, to get into songwriting as so many female singer/songwriters inspired me to do so and it’s saved, changed and made my life.”

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“Milk” by Natalie Shay is available to download and stream right now on all platforms. We expect some exciting career-defining moments are just around the corner for Natalie Shay.

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