Valley Latini Drops Beguiling Debut Album ‘Attention Lover’

Valley Latini Drops Beguiling Debut Album ‘Attention Lover’

Originally from Bogota and now based in NYC, dark pop artist Valley Latini releases her debut album, Attention Lover, an 11-track collection of introspective songs about past relationships, love affairs, self-love, and female empowerment.

The singer-songwriter and producer’s sound, influenced by her religious background, blends leitmotifs of sensuality and devoutness into lush sonic concoctions, while her live performances express individual freedom and discover the innate power of her female essence.

Latini recently toured with comedian and author Jacq Frances and has performed throughout NYC, as well as in Scandinavia, the U.S., and South America. Her music has been featured in films such as Back to Lyla, along with numerous media outlets. She made her satellite radio debut on Sirius XM’s Pitbull’s Globalization.

Attention Lover begins with “Compel You,” opening on gleaming tones, followed by the entry of Latini’s deliciously evocative voice, sensitive and rippling with emotional savors.

Entry points include “Under Pressure,” which travels on dark throbbing colors topped by luminous accents and Latini’s risk-flavored vocals.

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A personal favorite, “Ramona Dolly” features low-slung harmonics full of shadowy Latin energy and spectral orchestral strings. Latini’s melancholic voice imbues the lyrics with tones suggesting regret and sorrow.

“Shadow” rides a luscious, syncopated rhythm as Latini parades the luxurious timbres of her exotic voice, nuanced and under exquisite control. Breathy vocals give “Caravan” dusky aromas of sensuality, complemented by a subterranean, vibrating bassline.

“Illicit” ties off the album, allowing Latini sway to display the delightful, erotic range of her voice, imbuing the lyrics with soft, sleek seductive timbres.

Because of her distinctive voice, at once voluptuous and delicately sumptuous, Latini’s electro-pop sound takes on hues of cerulean blue radiance extending from a pinpoint of black. It’s one of those voices merging dusky, sultry tones with subtle mystical aromas.

With Attention Lover, Valley Latini delivers myriad textures of dark electro-pop shot through with scintillating points of afterglow.

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