Rising start Jazmine Flowers unveils new single ‘detached’

Rising start Jazmine Flowers unveils new single ‘detached’

The rising star Jazmine Flowers enravishes music lovers with a new offering ‘detached’ that unravels the scary tendencies of getting attached to casual love affairs. 

‘detached’ drops the same weekend as the 22-year-old talent performs at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival. With her infectious energy, Flowers has the means to captivate crowds of all sizes. The new single’s theme speaks to most of the active dating population. 

She expands on how ‘detached’ came about: “‘Detached’ was inspired, simply, by the word detached… I love the image of that classic film scene; the character wakes up the morning after a one-night stand, their arm is stuck under the person they hooked up with, they have to wriggle and slide it out without them noticing, then run out the house! I thought it was a funny concept for a song!”

The true essence of Jazmine Flowers’ talents lies within her courage to explore more thought-provoking themes, such as her latest EP that explores the unattractive duties of ‘Adulting.’ Striking lyricism with her angelic voice makes for one-to-watch stardom. 

Listen to ‘detached ‘ out on all streaming platforms.