Pop Artist Jordan Siwek Releases New Single “Two Roads”

Pop Artist Jordan Siwek Releases New Single “Two Roads”

LA Critic Award-winning artist and TikTok influencer Jordan Siwek drops his brand-new single, “Two Roads,” a song about the angst of hesitancy when confronted with critical choices.

Inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the song encapsulates the overwhelming quandary of a person coming face to face with a fork in life’s road. A decision of vast importance has to be made. The wrong choice could be devastating.

Jordan’s eloquent lyrics express the uncertainty:

“Two roads diverge, tongue-tied, no words / Two roads to choose, I’m so afraid of what I might lose.”

Jordan arrived on the music scene with the release of his debut album, Sun Inside You, which won a Global Music Award for Best Album and appeared in the sixth slot on LA Music Critic’s Forty Best Albums of 2018, followed by receiving the LA Music Critic Award for Best Pop Artist.

Next, his music video for “Lover and a Giver” took the title of Best Music Video at six film festivals and received the top award for Best Original Song in 2019’s Williamsburg International Film and Music Competition.

On his TikTok site, which boasts more than 550,000 followers, Jordan offers piano karaoke videos, including virtual duets with Tove Lo and Javier Colon.

“Two Roads” begins with an elegant, almost classical piano, topped by Jordan’s deliciously, slightly raspy voice, vaguely reminiscent of Elton John. A poignant violin imbues the tune with dramatic tones, accentuating the pressure of making a decision, along with the bluesy savors.

The feel and flow of the song are passionate and rife with the burden of doubt and expectation, capturing the universal feeling of ambiguity.

At once evocative and immersed in taut leitmotifs, “Two Roads” displays the songwriting prowess and compelling voice of Jordan Siwek.

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