Peppermint Heaven Drops New EP ‘Poptropolis’

Peppermint Heaven Drops New EP ‘Poptropolis’

Los Angeles-based retro pop duo Peppermint Heaven, aka Juno (keyboards, vocals) and Spark (bass, drums, vocals), releases their new EP, Poptropolis, produced by Brian Reeves of Miley Cyrus, Elton John, U2, and Simple Minds fame.

Speaking about the EP, Peppermint Heaven says, “After moving in a more 70s rock direction with our last EP – ‘Rocktropolis,’ we felt inspired to return to the ‘80s influenced synthpop sound our fans love so much. Poptropolis is a heavenly taste of what we do best.”

Peppermint Heaven arrived on the scene in 2014 with the release of their debut single, “Plenty of Time, which hit the Top 10 on Music Week’s Club Chart. Since then, they’ve dropped numerous EPs, singles, and remixes, collecting more than 10 million Spotify streams.

The duo’s debut album, Precious Things, which they released in 2016, was lauded by elite music outlets. Precious Things was followed by 2017’s Curious Things and 2018’s Perfect Things.

Peppermint Heaven has teamed on remixes with Full Intention, Moto Blanco, Lynx, FNP, AM2PM, Seamus Haji, Almighty, Chords, Danvers, Oscurco, and Revaux. Peppermint Heaven’s 2020 EPs, Red Balloons, Dreams, and New Sensation received remixes from Crackazat, DRYVE, Oscuro, Mark Lower, and the celebrated Chris Cox.

Encompassing four tracks, Poptropolis begins with “Find The Light Inside,” teeming with new wave synth-pop textures and velvety vocals riding a contagious rhythm. Shimmering with tasty leitmotifs, the song radiates warm, beguiling surfaces.

Slightly funky and full of plush vocal harmonies, “Give It Away” blends a darker feel with oozing keyboards and tight percussion. Whereas “There’s A Star” rolls out on seductive washes of synths accented by incandescent coloration. The highlight of the track is the deluxe vocal harmonies, imbuing the lyrics with posh, dreamy timbres.

“Paradise” ties the EP off, traveling on a thrumming, potent rhythm, giving the tune a chugging cadence as gleaming guitar inflections inject dazzling, sensuous notes. Burnished vocals add utopian savors to the lyrics as waw-wop-waoo harmonies enhance the silky flow.

Peppermint Heaven has it going on! Poptropolis hums with wickedly alluring savors of synth-pop tinted by sumptuous new wave milieus.

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