Music Video Premiere: Cleo Alexandra Unveils “Dream Fever”

Music Video Premiere: Cleo Alexandra Unveils “Dream Fever”

Rock goddess Cleo Alexandra introduces her new single/music video, “Dream Fever,” a song about the scorching passion and fulfillment of true romance.

Speaking to her music, Alexandra shares, “Staying authentic is important to me. I’ve found myself through writing these songs and I want to release them in the hopes others can connect and express themselves through these songs also.”

Originally from Australia, Cleo Alexandra began exploring her creativity when she was five years old, writing poetry, singing, and learning a variety of instruments. Later, as her sound took form and she mastered her craft, she caught the attention of producers Keith Olsen and J.J. Farris, followed by releasing her debut single, “Criminal.”

At the beginning of 2019, Alexandra dropped her self-titled album, revealing the raw potency of her voice, at once sensual and dripping with snarling energy.

“Dream Fever” rolls out on a dark, rumbling rhythm topped by Alexandra’s exotic femme fatale voice, imbuing the lyrics with visceral voluptuous tones that elevate to growling eroticism. Blending elements of hard rock and glam pop, a la surging guitars, and gleaming synths, the layered harmonics merge, shaping into an alluring fusion of seductive dynamism.

“Ambitious and wild / Worships me while I ride / He can handle my sexy, how to undress me / Venomous like a snake bite /I’m in a dream fever / I’m in a dream fever / I taste his venom / Again and again.”

Oozing primeval sexuality, the tune ebbs and rises, exuding an aura of thrilling, aching longing.

The video, directed by Cleo Alexandra, overflows with erogenous images, fast cuts, and shifts to lethal faunae, giving the visuals carnal symbolism.

Cleo Alexandra has it going on in a big, big way! “Dream Fever” thrums with atavistic sensuality and the wickedly alluring voice of Cleo Alexandra.

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