Music Video Premiere: Carpente & Pepper Gomez Release “Dream My Love Dream”

Music Video Premiere: Carpente & Pepper Gomez Release “Dream My Love Dream”

Musician, producer, and filmmaker Carpente, aka Kenny Carpenter, teams up with Pepper Gomez, twice Billboard charting House vocalist and CEO of Wake Up! Music, on new single/music video “Dream My Love Dream.”

Pepper Gomez explains, “What is this? What is this? Well, let me tell you. ‘Dream My Love Dream’ is a Love Dream. My love. In a synth house pop trip lounge Dream. Life is also a dream. It can be a Love Dream. Yes, it could be. And, so as you listen, you watch a little slice of a dream sequence based on real life. You live one, too. We are all caught in the dream sequence that is life. You never know what may pop up. May all your dreams be happy. May all your dreams be love.”

Carpente adds, “What she said.”

Originally from Ohio, Kenny Carpenter began playing keyboards when he was 13, followed by singing in choir and musicals. Later, in college, he moved into synthesizers and modules, expanding his skills. He formed a prog rock band, followed by getting into feature films, including his latest film, starring Mark Torgl of The Toxic Avenger fame.

In 2021, Kenny started releasing music as Carpente, signed with a French label, and began writing new material, including collaborating with Pepper Gomez and the ET Boys’ frontman Tacboy on “Libertad.” All this while running his Carpente Records label.

“Dream My Love Dream” opens with Pepper’s lusciously sensuous vocals riding a silky, swooshing nu-house rhythm topped by swirling leitmotifs. The harmonic flow blends with Pepper’s voluptuous tones, forming a singularly imaginative melodic flood of dreamy textures and oozing symphonic filaments, imbuing the tune with surfaces of aching desire.

“You say you want me want want me want me want me warm me warn me / Dream My love / Dream dream / Won’t chu give me some / Love love love vibe love vibe / Hold me hold me hold me / Baby baby baby / Bay baybay baybay baybaybay / Hoooold me hooold me.”

Drenched in smooth as-velvet harmonics and the alluring vocals of Pepper Gomez, “Dream My Love Dream” hits the sweet spot.

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