Milky Chance Releases Intoxicating ‘Trip Tape II’

Milky Chance Releases Intoxicating ‘Trip Tape II’

German duo Milky Chance drops their brand-new mixtape, Trip Tape II, via Muggelig Records. Trip Tape II follows on the heels of last year’s surprise mixtape, Trip Tape, which amassed more than 55 million streams.

Talking about the new mixtape, Milky Chance shares, “In a phase of feeling pretty alienated due to events of today and lots of devastating realities of human society we tried to get into someone’s mind coming to earth for the first time nowadays.“

Made up of Clemens Rehbein (guitar, vocals) and Phillip Dausch (bass, percussion), on Trip Tape II, the pair offers a selection of originals, demos, and covers.

Encompassing a dozen tracks, including a RAC Mix of “Synchronize,” entry points comprise “Synchronize,” a delicious indie-pop tune thrumming with buoyant energy, a thumping kick-drum, and Rehbein’s lush, evocative vocals.

“Troubled Man,” a personal favorite, rides a pulsating rhythm topped by percolating leitmotifs, imbuing the tune with a contagious flow. While their cover of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” takes the song into darker layers of sound, throbbing with shadowy aches of emotions. The vocals, at once trembling and full of anguish, give the lyrics smoldering, sensitive textures.

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On Tame Impala’s “Lost In Yesterday,” the duo delivers a psychedelic-lite intro that rolls into luscious walking bass tones, capped by Rehbein’s sumptuous voice, simultaneously dreamy and voluptuous. Milky Chance’s version of Harry Styles’ “As It Was” features gleaming acoustic guitars, shimmering synths, and vibrant vocals.

Another favorite, “Glass of Wine” opens on dark tones forming scrummy tottering leitmotifs full of resonance as snapping percussive accents add dimension, allowing Rehbein’s plush voice to sway over the lyrics.

The last track, RAC’s Mix of “Synchronize,” bubbles with dynamic momentum and tasty harmonic ebbs and rises.

With Trip Tape II, Milky Chance delivers potent indie-pop, brimming with swanky textures and intoxicating rhythms.

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