Lyric Video Premiere: Starless Unveils “Fight For Your Life”

Lyric Video Premiere: Starless Unveils “Fight For Your Life”

Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter and voice actor Starless introduces her lyric video, “Fight For Your Life.”

Talking about the song, Starless shares, “‘Fight For Your Life’ is a vibey electronic track that explores the concept of 2 poly relationships, and how each relationship can bring out different sides of you. The main character in this story is wanting her partner to leave the other girl because of who he’s become from being with her.”

Previous hits from Starless comprise “Youngblood,” “Take Me Away,” and “X.”

Starless, aka Brianna Knickerbocker, arrived in the entertainment world as a celebrated Anime and Videogame actor, with popular projects such as Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Re:Zero. Her roles include Rem in Re:Zero, Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, Rin in Catherine Full Body, and Sakura in Fire Emblem.

Highlighted by her mesmerizing vocals, Starless’ sound merges elements of dark pop and electronic music into haunting soundscapes infused with mysterious melodies, revealing the dark truths, primal motivations, and unfaithful hearts of the human experience.

“Fight For Your Life” rolls out on low, emerging tones, seething with shadows, and trembling textures as Starless’ deliciously breathy vocals imbue the lyrics with urgent passion. A ghostly yet potent bassline and syncopated percussion give the rhythm spectral vibrations while shimmering accents appear in the backdrop, suffusing the tune with taut colors.

Thrumming with low-slung pulsating energy, “Fight For Your Life” seethes with latent, hypnotic surfaces and the beguiling voice of Starless.

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