Get to know the extension and musical stylings of Zolita

Get to know the extension and musical stylings of Zolita

Zolita is an extension and musical project of pop artist Zoë. She’s an outlet for the Los Angeles native to live out her dreams, wildest fantasies, and sapphic storylines she never had the chance to experience growing up.

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How did the namesake for your Falling Out / Falling In EP come about?

I was talking to one of my friends about the EP and what the overall theme of the songs are on it. I was like, “Well, there’s songs about falling out of love, and then there’s also songs about falling in love.” And that’s when the EP title clicked!

Congratulations on the release of your newest song ‘Ruin My Life’ & EP announcement. How do previous singles ‘20 Questions’ and ‘Ruin My Life’ play into the overall aspect of your upcoming EP?

This EP is accompanied by a series of 4 narrative music videos – and I think “20 Questions” and “Ruin My Life” give a taste of the two different aspects of the EP. “20 Questions” is very much ‘Falling Out’ and “Ruin My Life” is very much ‘Falling In.’

What is ’Ruin My Life’ about and what does the song’s title represent to you personally?

The idea behind “Ruin My Life” came to me when I was on my way back from my first trip with my girlfriend where she got to meet my dad. We were driving along the California coastline and it felt like the entire outside world disappeared. “Ruin My Life” is about the beginning stage of falling in love with someone – when you realize you’re putting off everything else in your life because you just want to spend time with that person.

What was the inspiration for the ‘Ruin My Life’ music video and how does it continue the story from your previous single ’20 Questions’?

For the “Ruin My Life” music video, I wanted to show my character going back to her hometown for her childhood friend’s wedding (following her bad breakup in “20 Questions”). Of course, I needed to do a classic Zolita love story moment, so there’s that! I definitely referenced some iconic wedding rom-com classics.

What was your creative process like for ‘Ruin My Life,’ and was that any different to how you collectively went about working on previous material as a whole?

My process for “Ruin My Life” was pretty similar to my usual creative process. I generally write a bunch of lyric ideas and titles in my notes the day the inspiration strikes, and then I’ll bring it into a session to turn it into a fully formed song. Then I’ll generally drive around and listen to song on repeat, and that’s where the visuals come to me!

Was there any material left off the new song you wanted to include but didn’t for any reason – lyrically or sonically?

Surprisingly, no! I just looked back at my original note and some of the lyrics in the song are literally what I wrote down on the day I came back from that trip.

What would you like listeners to take away from your new song – lyrically or story-wise?

I just want it to make people feel good! I hope on a drive with their lovers or friends that they can blast it and smile. I think ultimately the sentiment of this song is that, at the end of the day, the most important thing in life are the people in it that make you feel loved and seen. Everything else feels so secondary.

What message are you trying to get across with the new story started by ’20 Questions’ and ‘Ruin My Life’ and why is it so important to you as an artist to centre LGBTQ characters?

Because the EP is about falling out and then in love again, I wanted to do that with the video series as well. The first two videos center the falling out experience, and the third and fourth center the falling in love experience. Centering LGBTQ characters is so important to me because we are still lacking authentic sapphic representation in the mainstream media.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP and tour?

The EP has something for everyone! There are sad songs, sappy songs, upbeat and unhinged songs… and the tour is going to embody all of that energy!