Feather Releases Sophomore EP ‘We Are For Each Other’

Feather Releases Sophomore EP ‘We Are For Each Other’

Indie/electronic artist Feather, aka Kyle Featherstone, releases his brand-new EP, We Are For Each Other, featuring collaborations with Sintra, Lockbox, and SEGØ.

Talking about the collaborative process, Feather says, “While still making music on my own, I began to experiment in collaborations with other producers making similar music. Working with another producer (and artist for that matter) incorporates a whole new influx of ideas and influences and inspiration that can be very tricky to navigate. There is a lot of trial and error through attempting to work together (and learn if you are even capable of working together) as well as delicate sacrifice and compromise to try and make the best possible track you can with both parties leaving feeling creatively proud and fulfilled. Through working with many of these other artists I’ve been able to try new things, experiment with new sounds, techniques, and genres, and most importantly grow as a creative – learning what is and is not a good fit for me and the musical future of this project.”

Inspired by the idea of artistic harmony and elemental influence, We Are For Each Other illuminates Feather’s innovative mindset, creativity, and talent for immersive dynamism.

While growing up, Feather was inspired by Coldplay, Augustana, and Jack’s Mannequin. Later, he became part of a touring indie-pop band. At his first music festival, Feather was struck by the weighty potential of amalgamating electronic and indie elements. Shortly thereafter, Feather began to focus on his solo career, followed by releasing popular remixes and then his own original music.

Encompassing seven tracks, the EP begins with “Glaciers,” featuring Lockbox and TRØVES, opening on shimmering tones topped by evocative, passionate vocals. When the harmonics ramp up, the tune gathers surging, iridescent energy.

Highlights include “Let Go,” dripping with dark, pulsating colors, and the luscious, sensuous voice of Luma. Whereas “Fixing Me” travels on gleaming leitmotifs riding a contagious, pushing rhythm as posh vocals imbue the lyrics with tantalizing timbres.

“Dusk” rolls out on pulsing, glittering textures of sound, and then segues into a potent kick-drum capped by smoldering washes of oscillating tangs. The title track features a hymnal intro, followed by oozing, fluctuating tones, and an alluring, longing voice.

We Are For Each Other simultaneously lures listeners in and stimulates an array of engaging emotions. Feather has it going on!

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