Bright Brown Releases New Single “Aimless”

Bright Brown Releases New Single “Aimless”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Chapman Stick player, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Nahas, aka Bright Brown, unveils his new single, “Aimless,” a song about setting lofty goals in spite of the capriciousness of life.

Witnessed by the Black Swan of the pandemic, “Aimless” suggests living in the here and now, enjoying each moment for its intrinsic beauty, and not counting on events turning out as we desire and plan for.

The lyrics sum up Bright Brown’s perspective.

“Why take aim, because aimless is drifting / And drifting is easier, easier brings peace.”

When first written, “Aimless” was just a creative expression, but once COVID arrived, the lyrics took on a whole new connotation.

The song features Bright Brown singing and playing the Chapman Stick, along with Eddie Avakian (drums), Jamie Muhoberac (keyboards), and Ava Nahas (percussion). Bright Brown’s sound merges influences from Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, David Bowie, and Elvis Costello into unique, compelling pop music.

Difficult to slot into a single genre, over the course of three LPs, numerous EPs, and a series of stripped-down singles composed in 2020, Bright Brown’s music continues to evolve, taking on finessed moods, an array of textures, and evocative atmospheres.

“Aimless” opens on gentle pop tones imbued with hints of folk savors as Bright Brown’s rich, gentle voice gives the lyrics introspective timbres. When the syncopated rhythm enters, the song takes on a rolling, rounded cadence, followed by a creamy segment of sparkling piano notes topped by trembling, sumptuous guitar surfaces.

Drenched in low-slung sonic textures, “Aimless” amalgamates a hypnotic, rhythmic pulse with the gliding, alluring voice of Bright Brown.

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