Avril Lavigne Still Has Her Outfit From the “Complicated” Music Video

Avril Lavigne Still Has Her Outfit From the “Complicated” Music Video

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From her music to her style, Avril Lavigne’s authority as the pop–punk queen has never been stronger. Since releasing her seventh studio album, “Love Sux,” in February, the “Complicated” singer has appeared in music videos alongside Willow and Machine Gun Kelly and performed on stage with Olivia Rodrigo, looking like a badass during every performance.

On Sept. 25, Lavigne performed her single “Bite Me” at the Rock the Runway: Shein For All event showcasing the brand’s fall/winter 2022 collections. As the Romwe headliner, Lavigne brought her rock-star style to the stage, wearing a lace-up bodysuit, a ripped cropped sweater, cutout pants, and a pair of buckle-up wedge boots.

“I’ve kept every single outfit from all of my music videos, and they are all archived.”

“My favorite part about the shoot was I lended a hand in styling the audience,” Lavigne tells POPSUGAR about the performance. “I requested that the whole audience be dressed in cool punk clothing, and the Shein team really pulled it off.” For some, Lavigne’s fashion sense is a callback to the 2000s punk–pop scene, but for the “Sk8er Boi” singer, her style is all about being authentic. “I have never been one to follow trends, and since the beginning, I wore what felt right at the moment and what I liked,” she says. “For me personally, it has always been about being comfortable.”

As a 2000s icon, it only makes sense that Lavigne has kept some of her favorite Y2K accessories, including every single look from her music videos since her “Let It Go” days. “I’ve kept every single outfit from all of my music videos, and they are all archived,” she reveals. “I have all my neckties and spiked bracelets. I even have the skateboard from the ‘Complicated’ music video.”

Now that Y2K trends have become so popular again, Lavigne says seeing more people rock pop–punk accessories from the 2000s again rocks. “I love seeing people wearing studded bracelets and belts as that is something that I have not just kept in my closet since the 2000s but also kept as part of my style,” she says.

Lavigne continues, “During the pandemic, we saw the rise of matching jogger sets, which I think are super cute. I wear them a lot in my personal life and in the studio. In everyday life, I like overalls and jeans. I will never wear jeans on stage because they are hard to move around in.” Of course, not every retro trend can be a winner. She adds, “Capri pants are kind of fugly.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 30: Avril Lavigne performs onstage SHEIN's Rock The Runway 2022 at Exchange LA on August 30, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for SHEIN)Image Source: Getty / Stefanie Keenan

Nowadays, Lavigne’s fashion go-tos consist of a few rock-star basics: a plaid miniskirt, a pair of combat boots, and her custom Swarovski crystal mic and mic stand. “One of my favorite brands to wear is Dr. Martens because they are so versatile. I can pair the classic boot with a pair of bondage pants or the knee-high boot with a skater skirt,” she says, adding that her favorite song to get ready to at the moment is “You Don’t Get to Hate Me” by Steve Aoki ft. Goody Grace.

Reflecting on her Rock the Runway performance, Lavigne adds that, in addition to wearing a rocking outfit, the crowd’s energy is what always makes her feel pumped to put on a show. “One of my favorite songs to perform off [‘Love Sux’] is ‘Bite Me’ because everyone in the audience screams the lyrics of the song back to me,” she says. “I am [also] excited for the fall to release some new music and finish up my year of touring in Japan.” With her album tour in full swing, Lavigne can’t wait to release some new music and perform internationally again in one badass look after another.

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