Anin Rose Delves into Passion & Toxicity on “Feed This Fire”

Anin Rose Delves into Passion & Toxicity on “Feed This Fire”

London-based pop artist Anin Rose releases her new single, “Feed This Fire,” a song probing the fine line between passion and toxicity.

“Feed This Fire” was inspired by a friend’s tumultuous relationship, in which fighting and quarreling appear to be the way they connect. Anin, established in a healthy, stable relationship of her own, found herself fascinated by the chaotic interaction of the two lovers, akin to the ebbing and rising experience of a roller coaster – tight turns, steep slopes, and breathtaking inversions.

Most people like drama and perceiving it from afar is a way of living through experiences you yourself wouldn’t care to go through. It’s an empathetic experience, a self-aware way of vicariously living because most of us identify with others’ struggles and triumphs.

Having conducted the London International Gospel Choir, Anin creates songs brimming with a choral sound, enabling songs with gospel savors. After connecting with music producer SVVIM, Anin’s music elevated, capturing the intimacy of the song, while still encompassing Anin’s striking soundscape.

Anin has performed at St. Giles In the Fields and St. Pancras Old Church in London, as well as acclaim from the media in Germany and Sweden. She has also worked with Freya Ridings, Jamie Grey, Hugh Jackman, and Take That at O2 Arena.

“Feed This Fire” rolls out on low-slung shimmering tones, followed by flowing into a delicious, thumping rhythm topped by Anin’s exotically flavored voice, rife with subtle nuances and evocative tonal subtleties. Glowing vocal harmonies imbue the tune with caressing depth and lustrous dimension.

“Oh it wouldn’t be the same / If we didn’t feed the flames… / So will this ever change.”

There’s a mesmerizing quality to Anin’s voice, tantalizing, urgent, and mysterious that’s emphasized by the swelling leitmotifs and mounting dynamics.

Full of slowly enlarging harmonics, a luscious rhythmic flow, and the alluring voice of Anin Rose, “Feed This Fire” is magnetically captivating.

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