Secrets, Lies, and Murder Shake Things Up in the “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Trailer

Secrets, Lies, and Murder Shake Things Up in the “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Trailer

Good news, “Power Book II: Ghost” fans. After what feels like forever, the hit spinoff’s third season finally has a premiere date — which means we’re one step closer to finding out what happens after season two’s dramatic cliffhanger finale. Additionally, on Dec. 15, Starz unveiled all-new details about season three, including a short teaser that shows Michael Rainey Jr.’s Tariq getting blood on his hands (literally) as secrets, lies, and more trouble threaten to shake his world up yet again.

“Power Book II: Ghost” got the green light for season three around this time last year, not even halfway through season two. It’s obvious the second installment of the Power franchise has become a major hit, almost as big as its predecessor, and much of that has to do with Michael Rainey Jr.’s Tariq St. Patrick anchoring the series.

“It’s going to be a lot going on.”

We last saw his character putting an end to his problems with Mecca (Daniel Sunjata) by helping Monet (Mary J. Blige) kill the drug connect in the season two finale. Which opened a whole new can of worms for Tariq seeing as though his crime is caught on tape by none other than his old nemesis, Detective Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) — yes, the same detective who tried to take down Ghost in the original “Power.”

That’s not the only thing viewers are looking for answers to in season three. There’s also the aftermath of Zeke‘s (Daniel Bellomy) death that Monet and the rest of the Tejada clan will have to grapple with — especially her husband, Lorenzo (Berto Colon), since he’s responsible. Lauren‘s (Paige Hurd) tragic demise also leaves Tariq in a tough spot in season three since it looks like the people closest to him, Brayden (Gianni Paolo) and Effie (Alix Lapri), can’t be trusted.

It’s safe to say “Power Book II: Ghost” is set to have another drama-filled season. In a previous interview with POPSUGAR, Rainey Jr. told us Tariq is “going to start season three in some trouble for sure.” “Tariq doesn’t really know what he wants to do, as you saw in the finale . . . All the troubles he’s got going on and all the money he’s going to have to spend, who knows what he’s going to do? He might have to step one foot back into the game. It’s hard for Tariq right now. He’s in a very confusing predicament.”

It’s only a matter of time before we’re back in the thick of it with “Power Book II: Ghost,” and Rainey Jr. assures us “it’s going to be a lot going on.” Read ahead for everything else we know about season three so far.

“Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Teaser

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“Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Cast

Returning cast members for season three include Rainey Jr. as Tariq; Blige as Monet; Paolo as Brayden; Lapri as Effie; Colon as Lorenzo; Cliff “Method Man” Smith as Davis MacLean; Larenz Tate as Rashad Tate; Woody McClain as Cane Tejada; Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada; LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada; and Paton Ashbrook as “Jenny Sullivan. New faces joining the show this season are Curnen reprising her role as Blanca; Keesha Sharp as Professor Harper Bennet; David Walton as Lucas Weston; and Moriah Brown as KeKe Travis.

“Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Plot

The logline for season three teases that there are “new twists and new turns as the Tariq, Brayden, Monet, and the Tejadas have to level up or get taken down. Fresh off the murder of Zeke, everyone is grieving, but they won’t get much time as a new set of problems and questions arise.”

“Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Release Date

The series returns for its third season on March 17, 2023.