Nicole Kidman’s AMC Ad Inspires a Cult Following in “SNL” Sketch

Nicole Kidman’s AMC Ad Inspires a Cult Following in “SNL” Sketch

Every time Nicole Kidman‘s AMC theaters ad plays, the Australian actor grows stronger — according to “Saturday Night Live,” anyway. In the season 48 premiere of the long-running NBC sketch series, the earnest ad that managed to earn a cult following in real life becomes even more cult-y when Chloe Fineman steps into Kidman’s stilettos.

Fineman largely sticks to the original dialogue from the ad, which can’t be improved upon. She marvels about how theaters can transport viewers to new places and how “heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” That’s when things start getting weird, especially for the average moviegoer, played by Kenan Thompson.

Soon the entire theater joins in with Fineman as Kidman’s chant of “somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this,” as they salute the screen. Thompson reluctantly joins in as Kidman’s power grows, and she begins to levitate above the crowd. The more the crowd chants, the more her power builds as if she’s some sort of supervillain feeding off their adoration. Thompson sums up the so-weird-it’s-brilliant moment when he says, “What the f*ck just happened?”

The “SNL” sketch hits the mark in large part because of just how much people seem to love Kidman’s ad. In fact, there have been reports of theater patrons saluting the screen and reciting the wonderfully cheesy lines that hype the theater experience. The ad is so beloved, it’s even getting a sequel, according to Variety.

Who knows how strong Kidman’s powers will become once it premieres . . .

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Image Source: NBC / YouTube