I Found My New Favorite Sunglasses For $12 at Target

I Found My New Favorite Sunglasses For $12 at Target

Editor wearing the Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses

Here’s the story: for months, nay, years, I’ve been lusting over a specific pair of designer sunglasses. At first, I thought they were a bit too dramatic for everyday wear, as they have a slightly pointed frame, but I was in love. I thought about these glasses all the time, but with a price tag of over $400, I couldn’t quite justify the purchase. I’ve never spent that much money on sunglasses, and even though I live in California and wear them every single day, it was a bridge too far for me. On a late-night Target browse, I came across these Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses ($12) and ordered them on a whim. Well, I wear these sunglasses all the time, and it’s one of the best $12 I’ve ever spent.

What I Like About the Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses

When I first put these sunglasses on, I, ironically, thought of these as exclusively a pair for when I wanted to bring some drama to an outfit. Initially, I couldn’t imagine wearing them with my workout clothes to go get coffee or on a casual day with just jeans and a T-shirt. They are now some of my go-to sunglasses. I wear them all the time, and I love how they look on my face. I think sunglasses are so personal, and I have a heart-shaped face, which means I have width at my eyes and cheekbones and a more pointed, narrow chin. I feel like every sunglass shape looks weird on me, and I really love that this pair brings some drama to my look, as my style is normally more muted and neutral. Originally, I decided to buy these affordable sunglasses as a test to see if I liked the shape long-term, and if I did, I would consider splurging on the designer style. However, after having them for a couple of months, I just want to keep these and may even pick up the tortoiseshell pair as well.

Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses

What’s Worth Noting About the Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses

These glasses do offer UV protection, which I did not expect from a $12 pair. However, I do find that if I wear them for multiple hours in the sun, my eyes can occasionally feel a bit strained. It’s also worth noting that these glasses don’t feel supremely hefty. They’re lightweight and easy to throw around. Mine also did not come with a case, so they’re just loose in my purse.

Who Is the Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses Best For

I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t love these cute sunnies. They’re affordable, adorable, and so fun to style. They make any outfit look a little more elevated, and for such a reasonable price, pretty much everyone should at least try these sunglasses. I will say, the angular shape is likely more flattering for someone with some width to their face, but they’re worth trying no matter what.

Where Is the Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses Available?

The Wild Fable Angular Cateye Sunglasses are available to shop exclusively at Target.

Additional Details

  • These sunglasses come in three colors: black, tortoiseshell, and red.
  • They do have UV protection but are not polarized.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / India Yaffe