“The White Lotus”: Beatrice Grannò Is a Talented Singer in Real Life, Too

“The White Lotus”: Beatrice Grannò Is a Talented Singer in Real Life, Too

Beatrice Grannò has a few things in common with Mia, the seemingly wide-eyed character she portrays in “The White Lotusseason two. For starters, she’s Italian, hailing from Rome and currently living between the capital city and Naples, but Grannò is also an aspiring singer and musician in real life, which explains Mia’s stellar hotel-lounge performances.

The 29-year-old star has shown off her vocal chops twice on the HBO series so far: first while singing pop standard “The Best Things in Life Are Free” in episode two and again with a rendition of Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” in episode five. Both were recorded live on set in the Sicilian resort where the show’s second installment takes place, and many viewers are hoping another performance is in store as the season races toward a sure-to-be-dramatic conclusion.

Landing the role of Mia was a dream come true for Grannò, who recently told Grazia, “Music has always played a very important role in my life. For me, music activates every creative process of mine. I was dreaming of the chance to be in a project where I could be an actress and a musician.” She brought the singer and occasional sex worker to life with a bit of help from Este Haim (one-third of the sister rock band Haim), who acted as her on-set mentor while filming. “She was sort of like a vocal coach but also a friend. She was really rooting for me,” Grannò told Grazia, adding that Haim helped her overcome typically singing with a “very soft, small voice.”

Before joining the star-studded cast of “The White Lotus,” Grannò also appeared in Italian productions like miniseries “Il Capitano Maria,” drama film “The Time of Indifference,” Netflix superhero series “Zero,” and medical drama “Doc — Nelle Tue Mani.” She is currently signed to the Italian record label RDR MGMT and has plans to release her own album soon.

Though Mia’s fate on “The White Lotus” is unknown, with some fans theorizing she may account for one of this season’s looming deaths, Grannò’s future after the show is sure to be bright. Join us in admiring the actor’s musical talent by watching her singing videos ahead.