My Perfect Fall Uniform Includes This Packable Free People Jacket

My Perfect Fall Uniform Includes This Packable Free People Jacket

As someone who grew up on the West Coast and lived through countless Arizona summers (with temperatures usually exceeding well over 100°F), it’s fair to say that my body is well acclimated to the heat and arguably much less comfortable in colder climates. While I love the winter, I’m usually far less prepared for the brisk temperatures that accompany the season. The moment it hits 70 degrees, you can find me bundled up in multiple layers. And should the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, I’m usually rendered completely useless — snuggled up inside and swearing off the outside world until summer (though I’ll likely still be complaining then, too!).

Naturally, it’s imperative that I have a warm, quality-made jacket incorporated into my winter wardrobe to help this otherwise cold-blooded creature survive the year’s chilliest season. And after seeing the Free People Pippa Packable Pullover Puffer Jacket ($198) go viral on TikTok for its snug yet lightweight design, I knew almost immediately that I’d found my new favorite layering essential. The packable style has already become my most constant companion this fall, tagging along with me on road trips and camping adventures in the mountains. It’s water resistant, crafted from a wrinkle-free material, and arguably the most effortless style in my entire closet. Keep reading to see why this Free People packable puffer is a worthy winter investment for anyone who, like me, lives in a constant state of being cold.

What I Like About This Free People Puffer Jacket

This jacket is so comfortable, it truly feels like I’m walking around wrapped up in a down comforter 24/7, and honestly, what more could you want during the cozier fall months? The style provides ample warmth — I’ve already worn it up to the mountains, in the snow, and even in a mild rainstorm, where it held up perfectly and kept me feeling comfortable in each environment. While this Free People style is incredibly durable and warm, it’s also unbelievably lightweight — so much so that I often forget I’m wearing it at all, which is a testament in itself given how bulky and heavy most winter coats usually are.

Admittedly, I also appreciate that the packable jacket is as stylish as it is cozy. I prefer the oversize look in my clothing, and this boxy pullover definitely achieves that. Whether I’m wearing it on a fall road trip, squeezing it into my suitcase while traveling, or just throwing it on quickly for a morning walk, the style is versatile enough to be worn basically everywhere. And with such a wide range of available colors to shop the piece in, it can double as a staple winter essential in truly anyone’s wardrobe — regardless of your personal style.

What’s Worth Noting

While this pullover style is arguably the best down puffer jacket I’ve ever owned, it’s not exempt from the issue plaguing most other jackets of its kind. One of the biggest complaints of down jackets is that the feather stuffing has a habit of poking through the material and coming out of the jacket altogether. After only a few wears, I have noticed little remnants of white stuffing pilling on the front of the coat, my jeans, and even my seatbelt whenever I wear it in the car. It’s frustrating to see, especially given the pullover coat’s higher price point. However, it is completely typical of down jacket styles like this. I’ve owned similar winter coats from Columbia and Patagonia, both of which always had feathers oozing out of the sides and often cost quite a bit more, too. If picking white pills of stuffing off of my jacket is the price I have to pay for a warm and stylish winter layer, then it’s a fair exchange, in my opinion.

Who Is This Free People Puffer Jacket Best For?

This jacket is the perfect winter coat for anyone who wants a warm and durable style that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, will keep you feeling stylish through any season, and is still lightweight enough that you won’t feel suffocated or weighed down by the piece. Unlike other, more structured winter coats, this packable style is also great as it’s made with a wrinkle-free material — meaning you can easily collapse it down, squeeze it into a suitcase or carry-on, and be on your merry way without fear of damaging its shape or design. I love taking it with me on the road (it also doubles as a great car pillow!) and would recommend it for any frequent traveler who is looking to invest in a hassle-free and reliable jacket.

Where Is This Free People Puffer Jacket Available?

This puffer jacket is available to shop at Free People, Amazon ($168-$247), Nordstrom ($198), Bloomingdale’s ($198), and Zappos ($168).

Additional Details

  • While I personally love and own the Pippa Packable Pullover jacket in the cherry-berry shade, the style is also available to shop in over 10 other colors, including dusted military green, midnight navy, viola purple, white, and more.
  • Free People’s packable puffer jacket and pullover styles are crafted from water-resistant materials, making them both weather-proof essentials that are perfect for wearing outdoors and while you’re on the go.
  • This down jacket is available to shop in US women’s sizes XS-XL.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kyley Warren