Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Are Back For Another Season of Drama on Hulu’s “Tell Me Lies”

Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Are Back For Another Season of Drama on Hulu’s “Tell Me Lies”

Tell Me Lies

Hulu’s adaptation of Carola Lovering’s sexy coming-of-age novel “Tell Me Lies” officially wrapped up its first season this October, and fans were left anxiously waiting for the show to be renewed. On Nov. 29, they got their wish when the show announced on Instagram that it will return for a second installment on Hulu. The series traces the tumultuous yet intoxicating relationship between college students Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) over the course of eight years as it changes their lives, and the lives of everyone they know, forever. At first, their romance is fun and exciting, but things quickly take a dark turn, with shocking consequences.

Back in September, White and Van Patten reflected on the major surprises the series had in store. “There’s no predicting any next move,” Van Patten told POPSUGAR. White added, “Everything is earned in this show. Every twist and turn and thing that happens is so earned by the pace of the show and the way it’s written. Everything is perfectly timed.”

And though the series had yet to be renewed for a second season, the actors both said they wanted to be able to continue telling Lucy and Stephen’s story. “I would love to do even more work on those people,” White said at the time.

“We’re just waiting,” Van Patten said regarding a possible second installment. “Season one ends in such a way where there’s so much to be filled in, and I would love to see what happens within those eight years, because as of now, it’s a mystery.” Lovering’s book doesn’t have a sequel, but season one diverged a lot from the plot of the original novel.

All 10 episodes of “Tell Me Lies” season one are streaming now on Hulu.