“Grey’s Anatomy” Sets Date For Ellen Pompeo’s Farewell Episode

“Grey’s Anatomy” Sets Date For Ellen Pompeo’s Farewell Episode

GREY'S ANATOMY, Ellen Pompeo, 'Take The Lead', (Season 8, ep. 803, aired Sept. 29, 2010), 2005-. photo: Jordin Althaus / ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” know the show won’t be the same without Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey, but her farewell is quickly approaching. As previously reported by Variety, viewers have seen a lot less of Dr. Grey in season 19 due to the actor’s role in a new untitled Hulu show based on real events. Although it will be great to see Pompeo in a new part, it means that she’s taken a back seat in the long-running ABC drama. Pompeo is still narrating every episode and continues to serve as one of the show’s executive producers, but she’ll officially say goodbye to her character (for now that is) next year.

ABC has set a date for Pompeo’s final episode: Feb. 23. Her departure will be featured in the show’s winter return. Following its fall finale, which aired on Nov. 10, “Grey’s Anatomy” released a promo teaser for season 19’s continuation, sharing a glimpse of Pompeo’s final episode: the winter premiere. For those following the show, Pompeo’s Meredith announces her goodbye by sharing that she’s leaving for a job opportunity in Boston to work on a cure for Alzheimer’s.

As for Pompeo’s upcoming Hulu role, all we know right now is that the streamer has green-lit eight episodes centered around a Midwestern family who adopt who they think is an 8-year-old girl with a rare form of dwarfism. However, they soon begin to question her identity, throwing their own relationships into turmoil as they discover that she might not be exactly who she says she is. In addition to acting in the show, Pompeo also serves as an executive producer, working alongside Katie Robbins (“The Affair”), Erin Levy (“Mad Men”), and a few other members of her Calamity Jane production company.

So while this may mean less screen time for Meredith Grey, this certainly isn’t the end for Pompeo.