Omar Parker & Charlie Burt Hit 1M Followers on Instagram with Tumbleweed

Omar Parker & Charlie Burt Hit 1M Followers on Instagram with Tumbleweed

Omar Parker and Charlie Burt, the producing duo recently rose to one million followers on Instagram. Tumbleweed is a viral content brand on Instagram and Tiktok. The brand was based on Parker’s longtime gamer tag. The duo come from a film producing background and have recently exploded online.

For some background the Tumbleweed boys are seasoned veterans in the realm of viral content creation. Their journey began with the channel Captain’s Log, a renowned Star Trek fandom platform boasting over 200,000 subscribers. Parker then did a stint as a producer for a conglomerate, the powerhouse behind YouTube sensations Preston, Brianna, and Keeley, with

a collective subscriber base exceeding 40 million, honing his skills in digital content creation. Now, under the banner of Tumbleweed, they’ve crafted a comedic brand that commands attention, amassing over a million followers on Instagram and captivating audiences with their wit and charm, accruing over 350,000 followers on TikTok. Their background speaks volumes about their knack for creating engaging and shareable content that resonates across diverse platforms.

The Tumbleweed duo recently had one of their most popular series with their exhilarating travel escapades showcased in the hit series “Side Quests.” Their infectious energy and passion for memes shone through as they embarked on thrilling journeys across Japan and Dubai, documenting their adventures through captivating videos on TikTok and Instagram. Staying with esteemed hotel brands such as Hilton and Marriott, they offered viewers a glimpse into the luxurious yet authentic experiences these destinations had to offer. With each episode, they seamlessly blended entertainment with cultural immersion, earning the series millions of views and over 50,000 shares. Side Quests provides a refreshing perspective on travel, seen through the eyes of a new generation, injecting zest and vitality into the world of exploration.

The duo say in the past 6 months they have been working on transitioning into creative producing, being both talent and having creative input on the writing and production. They claim one of the most recent learning moments has been starting to trust themselves and their own creative instincts. Recently, they’ve been touring major studios, with sightings at Warner Brothers. This would track as they were recently promoting the upcoming Furiosa movie. Their ambition and talent position them as promising players in Hollywood’s creative landscape.

Parker & Burt say they are currently compiling a 2025-2026 slate of films and are open to concepts and ideas. The last slate of ECP was in partnership with the Mahal Brothers and featured numerous horror features on streaming services and in distribution with companies like Gravitas Ventures. The new slate is sure to surpass those measures given their new found audience size. For the first time ECP has an audience of over one millions, what will they do with it? The sky’s the limit.