We Compared 10 Top-Selling Lululemon Leggings So You Know Exactly What You’re Buying

We Compared 10 Top-Selling Lululemon Leggings So You Know Exactly What You’re Buying

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Ever walked into a lululemon, stared at the leggings wall, and just gulped in wonderment thinking, “What are the best lululemon leggings?” Us, too. There are so many different styles, fabrics, and colors that we barely know where to begin, but that’s also what makes lululemon so amazing; whether you’re a yogi or a marathoner, it’s got options for you, as well as great sports bras and shorts. In an effort to curb your confusion, we’ve rounded up some of lululemon’s most popular leggings and explained what sets each pair apart.

For the sake of this experiment, we’ve compared black workout leggings. That way, you can really understand the subtle but important differences, like fabric, fit, and feel. Because, you know, it’s the little things that matter most. Some of these pants feel like a second skin thanks to lululemon’s Nulu fabric, while others really hold you in with the classic Luxtreme fabric.

What’s the difference between lululemon’s proprietary fabrics?

There are five different proprietary fabrics lululemon uses to make leggings. First, there’s Nulu. Nulu is the buttery soft fabric that the beloved Align collection is made out of. It’s not the most high performance, but it is supremely comfortable. Then, there’s Nulux. We know, one little letter makes all the difference. This fabric has a similar buttery soft feel, but is more sweat-wicking than Nulu. If you want to feel like you’re wearing nothing, go with a legging made of Nulux; it has a sort of naked sensation that’s ideal when you’re sweating it out. Next, there’s Everlux, which is the brand’s fastest drying fabric. This is thicker than Nulux, but still sleek and breathable, and likely the most versatile of all the fabrics. Fourth is Luxtreme. This is a thicker fabric, and is designed for less friction, as well as more shape retention through wears. Last but not least is SmoothCover, which is a combination of Nulu and Luxtreme. It’s got the buttery soft feel of Nulu with the shape retention and hugged in sensation of Luxtreme.

Are lululemon leggings worth the money?

The reality is, though, they’re all comfortable, they’re all durable, and you can’t go wrong with any of these pairs. Take care of your leggings, and they’ll take care of you. On a personal note, I’ve tried what feels like every legging in the world, and I always come back to lululemon. I’ve had pairs for years that still look, and feel, brand new; no pilling, sweat scents, fading, or riding down. I think the quality is unparalleled, and if you’re going to splurge on a legging, you want it to last. I’d tell any of my friends to go with a pair from lululemon if they were in the market. Whether you want the best lululemon leggings for running, yoga, or just hanging around the house, I’ve got you covered. I’m obsessed with the Align Pant, but keep reading to shop all the styles!