Time to Dust Off Your Detective Hat – “Unsolved Mysteries” Returns to Netflix This Month

Time to Dust Off Your Detective Hat – “Unsolved Mysteries” Returns to Netflix This Month

Image Source: Netflix

Your days of internet sleuthing aren’t over just yet! On Oct. 4, Netflix finally released the trailer for season three of “Unsolved Mysteries” after it was renewed in 2021. “Are you ready to solve a mystery? The global phenomenon returns with nine new mysteries in Volume 3. Join the search and perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery,” the trailer’s description reads.

Just like the previous two seasons, the third installment of the true-crime series will include more mysterious disappearances, tragic events, and unexplained occurrences. “The ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ production team at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions couldn’t be more excited about developing volume 3 of our successful Netflix series,” executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer previously said in a statement.

In a separate statement, 21 Laps Entertainment executive producers Shawn Levy and Josh Barry added, “We feel thrilled and privileged to be filming volume 3 of ‘Unsolved Mysteries.’ The massive success of our last two volumes on Netflix proved that there is enduring and passionate love for this iconic franchise, and we can’t wait to dig into more of the stories that ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ tells so uniquely well. 21 Laps is committed to emotional humanist stories, and to be able to tell more of these true stories of mystery alongside Cosgrove/Meurer who produced the original series, is a dream come true.”

Volume three will consist of nine brand-new episodes, with three being released weekly beginning on Oct. 18.

“Unsolved Mysteries” Season 3 Trailer

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