Sydney Sweeney Further Addresses Mom’s Birthday Controversy: “It’s Been Turning Into a Wildfire”

Sydney Sweeney Further Addresses Mom’s Birthday Controversy: “It’s Been Turning Into a Wildfire”

“Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney defended her family after photos and videos from her mother’s hoedown-themed 60th birthday sparked backlash online back in August. Sweeney previously shared a collection of photos from her mom’s party on her Instagram alongside the caption, “no better way to celebrate my momma than a surprise hoedown🤠.” Social media users quickly noticed that in one photo, Sweeney, her mom, and her grandmother are standing next to a man who appears to be wearing a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt.

Additionally, the actor’s brother, Trent, posted photos from the party on his Instagram featuring attendees wearing MAGA parody hats that read “Make 60 Great Again.” This all led to online speculation about her family’s political affiliation. In turn, the Washington-Idaho native shared a tweet defending her family and asking fans not to make assumptions based on photos from the celebration.

“You guys this is wild,” Sweeney tweeted. “An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone ♥️ and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Sweeney briefly addressed the criticism in a November interview with GQ, saying, “Honestly I feel like nothing I say can help the conversation. It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.”

Sweeney previously showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement during the summer of 2020. At the time, she tweeted, “[W]e need to do better. the hate in this world needs to end. #BlackLivesMatter.”

The “Euphoria” star has also spoken out about how important her family are to her and how they’ve helped her with her career. “I had no connections. I did not come from money,” Sweeney said in an Aug. 2 interview with The Los Angeles Times. “And when you’re 16 and you don’t really like yourself, and you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on in your body and your makeup and your hormones, and people are telling you that you’re not good enough — that weight is so heavy. But I had parents who, no matter what, believed in me.”