Shania Twain Is the Engineer of a Huge Dance Party in Her “Giddy Up!” Video

Shania Twain Is the Engineer of a Huge Dance Party in Her “Giddy Up!” Video

Shania Twain is ready to party. The country-music legend released her new song “Giddy Up!” on Jan. 5 ahead of the release of her new album “Queen of Me,” dropping in February. In the video, dancers across the country bring the song to life, dancing everywhere from a grocery store to a diner, a laundromat to a mechanic’s shop – where Twain is the head mechanic.

Twain sings in the uplifting chorus, “Smiles for miles / All up on my face / Wear it, share it / ‘Cause we ain’t got time to waste / Up in your giddy up / Giddy, giddy up / Up in your giddy up / Drunk in the city / Got litty in the cup / Up in your giddy up / When it gets tough, gotta get a little love / Put some up in your giddy, giddy up.”

In a statement about the new track, obtained by Billboard, Twain said: “The saying ‘Let’s Go Girls!’ is such a wonderfully uplifting sentiment now, but it’s just something I said during the recording in the studio and I guess that’s the same for ‘Giddy Up!’ These lines come to me when I’m thinking about how to put a little ‘pep in my step.’ I want people to feel good when they hear the new album. I want to set a celebratory tone and ‘Giddy Up!’ is a way to call to the audience and say ‘let’s get ready for some fun!'”

“Queen of Me” is Twain’s sixth studio album, and her first since 2017’s “Now.” This spring, she’ll also kick off a tour in support of the album.

2022 was a major year for Twain. She appeared with Harry Styles at Coachella, where they sang “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” together. And in December, she received the music icon award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, which featured a great performance of some of her biggest hits. “Embrace your individuality and your crazy ideas,” she said in her acceptance speech. “Just be brave. Let’s remember, there is power in numbers. We are in this together. Love is love.” She added, invoking her album’s title, “And when a door slams in your face . . . kick it down. All I have to say is, be the queen of you.”

Watch the “Giddy Up!” video above.