Ralphie Is All Grown Up in the “A Christmas Story Christmas” Trailer

Ralphie Is All Grown Up in the “A Christmas Story Christmas” Trailer

Christmas is in the air, and so is holiday nostalgia. Nearly 40 years after “A Christmas Story“‘s theatrical debut, a new sequel arrives with Peter Billingsley’s Ralphie all grown up. If you recall, 1983’s “A Christmas Story,” set in the early ’40s, became a holiday favorite following its box-office failure on account of Ralphie’s wintry exploits. Back then, all the 9-year-old character wanted to do was get his hands on the best Christmas present ever. Now an adult and following the death of his dad, Ralphie tackles the hectic holiday season as a father of two.

Warner Bros. released the trailer for the long-awaited feature film on Nov. 1, officially kicking off the Christmas countdown with a flash forward, catching up with some of our favorite characters as well as a few new ones.

“Oh, life comes at you fast,” Billingsley’s Ralphie says in the two-minute clip. “One minute, you’re playing Kick the Can with kids named Flick and Schwartz. The next thing you know, you’re a certified adult.” The remainder of the sequel’s trailer teases a heartwarming family comedy with even more Christmas memories to come.

Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max greenlit “A Christmas Story Christmas” back in January, announcing Billingsley’s return to his beloved character. However, it’s not the first sequel in the franchise. The 1994 film “It Runs in the Family,” also known as “My Summer Story,” was the first, followed by 2017’s TV musical “A Christmas Story Live!” on Fox — which starred Maya Rudolph, Matthew Broderick, and Andy Walken.

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