“Raising Kanan” Creator Sascha Penn Teases a Potential Romance Between Raquel and Unique

“Raising Kanan” Creator Sascha Penn Teases a Potential Romance Between Raquel and Unique

Joey Bada$$ and Patina Miller in Raising Kanan season 2.

Over the last two seasons, “Raising Kanan” has delivered its fair share of unexpected moments. However, the most surprising of them all has arguably been the turn of events in Raquel (Patina Miller) and Unique’s (Joey Bada$$) relationship that takes place in season two’s shocking finale that aired on Oct. 23.

The two Southside Jamaica, Queens, drug lords started out as sworn enemies in season one, with Raquel pinning a cop’s attempted murder on her foe and sending him to jail until his name was cleared. But after calling a truce at the beginning of season two, Raquel and Unique grew to be allies through their rocky arrangement with New Jersey’s Italian mob. However, it seems like the pair’s relationship may soon grow into something more.

“I don’t know. Do you think that we should do that?”

In the season two finale, Unique shows up at Raquel’s house to save her from getting shot by one of the mobsters — something he tried to warn her about earlier in the episode. “Sal Boselli is coming for you,” he tells her during a meeting at a diner. After Unique turns down a business proposition from Raquel, the conversation turns flirty when he asks her, “You ever catch feelings for me, Raq?” He adds, “They say most romances start at the office — heads bumping into each other at the watercooler and what not.” Though Raquel is quick to remind her frenemy that they previously tried to kill each other, their flirtatious encounter has left some viewers wondering what will come of their relationship in the future.

When POPSUGAR asked “Raising Kanan” creator and showrunner Sascha Penn if a potential romance was in Raquel and Unique’s future, he played coy, saying, “I don’t know. Do you think that we should do that?” Without divulging specific details, Penn agreed that it makes sense for the two rivals to have a connection considering they come from the same street life and match wits as leaders of their crews.

In an interview with Variety, Penn elaborated on Raquel and Unique’s relationship and whether it’ll turn romantic in the future. “It’s not always uncommon that your greatest rival is also someone that you sort of admire,” he told the outlet. “You always have some measure of respect for your competition, to a certain extent . . . [Raquel] doesn’t have a lot of confidants. On a certain level, Unique provides that in ways that some of these other characters can’t.” In regard to a romantic connection, Penn said, “I wouldn’t rule it out.” “. . . In the finale, Unique sort of presses up on Raq,” he added. “It does feel romantic, and I think the question is whether that’s something that feels reciprocated.”

Bada$$ previously told POPSUGAR that his and Miller’s characters would potentially team up if things ever turned sour with their drug businesses. Now that viewers have seen the way things played out between them, it seems likely Raquel and Unique will rely on each other in more ways than one in season three.

Of working with his costar, Bada$$ said, “Patina is one of those people that influences everyone in her proximity to be great.” “Just the natural talent, charisma, and skill level that she exudes is enough to get infected by that,” he added. “Every scene with Patina is like playing tennis. She throw that sh*t at me, it’s like I gotta take that and throw it back. I gotta meet her at her level. There’s no other way to do it because she’s so high-level with it. I’m such a big fan of Patina. It’s been such a pleasure and an honor to work alongside her. She has made me a better actor.”

Hopefully, season three of “Raising Kanan” will feature more scenes with Unique and Raquel to clarify the suspected romance that may be brewing between their characters.