Quixote, Star Waggons, Zio Services Workers Launch Union Drive

Quixote, Star Waggons, Zio Services Workers Launch Union Drive

Following Hudson Pacific Properties’ multi-million dollar acquisitions of Quixote Studios, Star Waggons and Zio Studio Services over the past two years, workers at all three companies are seeking to unionize with Teamsters Local 399.

Nearly 120 workers — including cleaners and trailer manufacturing workers at Quixote’s Penrose location, vehicle inspectors and washbay technicians at Zio Studio Services and mechanics and inspectors at Star Waggons, among other roles — are seeking voluntary recognition from management to join the Teamsters Hollywood Local. According to the union, the workers reached out after experiencing shifts in their working environment and in workplace demands placed on them following the sale of these companies.

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Teamsters Local 399 already represents workers in the production vehicles and grip and lighting departments at Quixote, as well as certain roles at Zio Studio Services. The Local does not yet have any members at transportation logistics specialist Star Waggons.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Hudson Pacific Properties for comment.

“First and foremost, we are proud of these workers and their resolve,” Local 399’s principal officer Lindsay Dougherty, who is also the Teamsters motion picture and theatrical trade division director, said in a statement. “Each unit has been essential to the growth and success of these companies. The workers who tirelessly give their time and talents on the job deserve the assurance that they will be protected and part of the next phase of growth. That is something only a collective bargaining agreement can provide. We are grateful to have their trust in this process.”

Hudson Pacific Properties acquired Star Waggons and Zio Studio Services for $222 million in 2021, supplementing its production portfolio, which includes Sunset Bronson Studios, Sunset Gower Studios and Sunset Las Palmas Studios. In September the real estate brand announced the additional acquisition of Quixote Studios for $360 million, further expanding its presence in the space.

“We were expecting positive changes with Hudson Pacific coming in. We had high hopes with the new direction of Star Waggons,” Star Waggons material coordinator Diego Castillo said in a statement. “But then, we started to realize we were getting less and being expected to produce more. I think unionization is long overdue. We’re done waiting to be rescued. We realized we needed to do this for ourselves and our families.”

According to Local 399, the workers — who are wearing Teamsters-branded gear on Tuesday as they seek voluntary recognition — are seeking greater protections on the job and changes to wages and benefits. Said Dougherty, “We are asking Hudson Pacific Properties to join us in a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both the workers and their respective employers.”