Netflix Rolls Out Feature to Transfer Viewer Profiles to New Accounts

Netflix Rolls Out Feature to Transfer Viewer Profiles to New Accounts

Netflix is rolling out a profile transfer feature that will allow users to port over their viewer profiles — complete with personalized recommendations, viewing history and “my list” settings — over to a new membership account beginning this Monday.

The feature update seems part of Netflix’s latest crackdown on account sharing that began in earnest last year, when the company began prompting users to verify their identities to continue using the account. Though that method was short-lived, Netflix has gone on to test out adding fees in select regions to allow primary account holders to add users outside of their households to their accounts.

As the streamer seeks to boost revenue and stem a decline in subscriber growth, Netflix has estimated that more than 100 million households worldwide are sharing their Netflix accounts, with more than 30 million of the shared accounts being located in the U.S. and Canada, according to a shareholder letter in April.

“There’s a broad range of engagement when it comes to sharing households from high to occasional viewing,” the letter said. “So while we won’t be able to monetize all of it right now, we believe it’s a large short- to mid-term opportunity.”

Netflix, which is also preparing to roll out an ad-supported tier for $6.99 a month on Nov. 3, will announce its third quarter earnings on Tuesday.

Netflix's profile transfer feature

Netflix’s profile transfer feature Courtesy of Netflix