MGM Launches AI Tool to Search Library of Film, TV Clips

MGM Launches AI Tool to Search Library of Film, TV Clips

MGM has launched an AI-powered tool that allows marketers and researchers to conveniently search through film and TV clips from the studio’s extensive library.

At launch, the MGM Clip Locator allows users to locate specific lines of dialogue across the MGM library and filter results by criteria like actor and project title. Future updates to the service are expected to include additional search capabilities for specific objects and actions that appear across the MGM catalog.

Use cases could include a researcher looking for every single clip of James Bond saying “shaken, not stirred” for a project, or an advertiser wanting to edit together clips of stars saying the phrase “hello” across multiple films for a brand campaign.

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After locating the clips they are interested in using, the user can then add the assets to an online shopping cart and proceed to submit a licensing request with MGM. The tool is expected to significantly cut down the amount of time it may take for an advertiser or researcher to locate and license clips from the MGM library for use in campaigns and other projects, according to Robert Marick, MGM’s evp global consumer products and experiences.

MGM Clip Locator Homepage

Courtesy of MGM

“If you’re a creative lead on film production, documentary, advertising, and you’re looking for something, you can do this pretty much self service at any time of the day, 24/7,” Marick told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview.

Making the process easier for filmmakers and advertisers also helps existing MGM content be “celebrated, remembered [and] discussed” in more projects, Ben Houston, MGM’s director of advertising and media, added.

“At the end of the day, we wanted to be proactive about our business. Every studio has a group like ours, but we wanted to be innovative,” Houston said. “We hope that MGM will be the first stop for any documentarian, clearance person, producer, editor that needs content to complement their production.”