H.E.R.’s Love Life Is Just as Mysterious as Her Musical Persona

H.E.R.’s Love Life Is Just as Mysterious as Her Musical Persona

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H.E.R. may not be hiding behind her signature sunglasses anymore, but she’s still just as private with her personal life. The Emmy-, Grammy-, and Oscar-winning multihyphenate is a whiz when it comes to writing love songs, but she’s not so forthcoming in discussing her own dating life.

H.E.R., real name Gabi Wilson, has rarely disclosed her romances. Back in 2016, the “Beauty and the Beast” star — who’s also starring in the upcoming musical movie version of “The Color Purple” — offered up a small detail about her love life in an interview with the Los Angeles Times when she recalled how she created her musical persona. According to the outlet, H.E.R. “the concept” was born out of a studio as the singer was recovering from a broken heart due to a toxic relationship, though she never name-dropped her ex. “I remember saying I’ll never be that girl, I’ll never be that girl that falls for the wrong guy,” she said. “I was constantly criticizing that girl, and eventually, I found myself being that girl, being her.”

Since then, the songstress hasn’t shared much more about her current dating status or any past romances. In 2018 during an interview with 99 Jamz Radio, H.E.R. was asked if she was in a relationship, but she dodged the query with a fairly general response. “I’m living my life, y’know, so it’s a number of things,” she said. “We all have a lot of ups and downs — relationships or not. Lots of situations, more so than relationships. But, I’m just living my life.”

Elsewhere, H.E.R. hasn’t been romantically linked to any known names or celebrities. However, in November 2019, her fans speculated that she was involved with Bob Marley’s grandson, Skip Marley, as the two were promoting their single, “Slow Down,” though neither of the musicians ever addressed the rumors.

At this time, it’s unclear if H.E.R. is single, dating, or in a relationship, but if we ever get any updates about her love life, it’ll likely come directly from the source. Perhaps in song form?