Exclusive: The Cast of “Disenchanted” Reveals What It Was Like Reuniting 15 Years After “Enchanted”

Exclusive: The Cast of “Disenchanted” Reveals What It Was Like Reuniting 15 Years After “Enchanted”

Fans of Disney’s hit 2007 musical “Enchanted” have been begging for a sequel for over a decade and, as it turns out, the original cast — Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and James Marsden — has been excited about the possibility for just about as long. Now, the cast is reuniting for the highly anticipated sequel, “Disenchanted.”

In a new exclusive featurette video, the cast shares what it was like stepping back into their “Enchanted ” roles. “We had tossed around the idea of a sequel for years,” Adams reveals. She says she was excited to “dive back into the world of Giselle” because “the original ‘Enchanted’ was just such a unique journey. I remember auditioning and just feeling so connected to Gisele . . . Seeing the impact that it had, not only on children but also on families — it’s just been a really magical part of my life.”

Adams is thrilled for fans to see who Giselle is 15 years after the events of “Enchanted.” The new movie sees Giselle, disillusioned with life in the big city, packing up and moving with Robert and their growing family to a small suburban town, where she winds up feeling even more lost and confused. In search of her happy ever after, she calls on the magic of Andalasia (her animated, fairytale hometown), but ends up turning her new town into a fairy-tale world that puts the fate of her real happy ever after with her family at risk if she can’t figure out how to reverse the spell.

All four of “Enchanted”‘s leads return in “Disenchanted,” and they were delighted to work together again to tell this new, exciting story. “To revisit characters you played so many years later is actually fun,” Menzel shares before Marsden dives into what it felt like filming a scene with the whole crew for the first time so many years later. “We were there filming the scene where we reunite and actually reuniting.”

While the cast’s chemistry is nothing new, Marsden said you can expect a significant difference in the sequel. “The elephant in the room is Idina is in the first movie and doesn’t sing a note.” However, the “Frozen” star is getting her song this time around. “I was happy to just be hired as an actor [in ‘Enchanted’], not for singing. But I’m happy I have a song now.”

“I think everyone will be very, very happy about that,” Marsden adds, and he’s absolutely right.

Watch the cast of “Disenchanted” reunite in the featurette above. “Disenchanted” hits Disney+ on Nov. 18.