Emily Ratajowski Discusses Her Dating-App Journey: “I Have So Much to Say”

Emily Ratajowski Discusses Her Dating-App Journey: “I Have So Much to Say”

Emily Ratajowski is opening up about her headline-making dating life. On her podcast, “High Low With EmRata,” the model and actor spoke about downloading a dating app for the first time since her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard earlier this year. “I’m a free, independent, single woman and I want to do it,” she said about joining an undisclosed app.

Following her split from Bear-McClard, the father of her 1-year-old son, rumors began circulating that Ratajowski had moved on with Pete Davidson after the two were spotted together in New York. In her recent podcast episode, however, Ratajowski said she is currently single and ready to mingle.

“Watch me delete in a week.”

“It’s only been a few days, but I have so much to say,” she told her friend and podcast guest, Kat. Ratajowski said her biggest observation so far is the app’s narrow demographic. “I feel like this app is a little bit white.” She added, “It feels like a very particular type of man and honestly a very particular kind of woman, so I don’t know that I’m gonna meet my lady crush on here.” (Ratajowski seemed to publicly come out as bisexual in a TikTok in October.) “I have gotten a few direct requests from women, which is exciting.”

The “My Body” author spent most of the episode discussing her desire to “get back out there” after four years of marriage, and she thinks dating apps are the way to do it. “I need normal guys, ‘normies.’ We want like a surgeon, a lawyer … an academic,” Ratajowski said about wanting to break her streak with celebrity exes.

As anyone would expect, swiping has come with its challenges. While some suitors are shy about making the first move, Ratajowski said others come on too strong. “This guy said to me, ‘To be honest, Emily, I’m a little confused. I’m not sure if I should go for the nonchalant ‘hi,’ or ask you directly if you want to be my wife and have my babies.'”

So far, the app hasn’t yielded anything special for Ratajowski, but she’s open to the possibilities. “Watch me delete in a week,” she said, “but I am giving it the old college try.”