Ariel Lavi will be a Judge at Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

Ariel Lavi will be a Judge at Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

The award winning international film producer and screenwriter continues to break records.

After he produced 14 films in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai, and Canada and his films won 46 awards all over the world, he is the owner of Lavi Company in Miami, FL. He was added to the panel of judges at the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival in Los Angeles, all of this while he was only 27 years old.  He will choose with the judges the best Feature, Short films and scripts for screening in the festival and who will be nominated or win. The festival awards films from all over the world. The Judges team included Judges from the US, Europe and India. After his films won, were nominated and were screened in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Alabama, Oregon, Ottawa, Toronto, Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Nicosia, Bhutan, Sweden, South Korea, Athens, Nigeria, Croatia, India, Taiwan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Kosovo, Indonesia, Sydney, Singapore, Mauritius, it’s about time to be a Judge at the film festival in Los Angeles.

Ariel, Congratulations, how did you join the panel of judges?

“I saw on their website they were looking for new judges, so I sent my showreel and IMDB, and afterwards got an email with a task to rank former films in the festival and to review them. I did amazing work”

What are your expectations?

“To enjoy good films and scripts, and to discover new talents”

Why did you want to be a Judge?

“I wanted to experience a new challenge, my films won 46 awards and I felt I want to expand my knowledge”

Would you like to be a Judge in bigger film festivals?

“I would like to be a Judge in high-quality film festivals “