Ariana Grande Sends Christmas Gifts to Young Patients in Manchester Hospitals

Ariana Grande Sends Christmas Gifts to Young Patients in Manchester Hospitals

Image Source: Getty / NBC

Ariana Grande put on her Santa hat this holiday season, sending gifts to children in various hospitals around Manchester, England. “Thank you Ariana!” the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) Charity tweeted on Dec. 26. “We were so excited to receive Christmas gifts for young patients across our hospitals from Ariana Grande.”

Grande’s brightly wrapped gifts were distributed to babies, children, and teenagers receiving treatment at the RMCH, as well as the Trafford Hospitals, the Wythenshawe Hospital, and the North Manchester General Hospital.

Grande has given back to Manchester since the terror attack that took place at her concert in the city in May 2017, killing 22 people and leaving over 500 injured. Following the incident, Grande has honored the victims and helped the city heal. She also organized One Love Manchester, a benefit concert benefiting the victims and their families through the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

“Music is an escape. Music is the safest thing I’ve ever known,” Grande shared in a letter she wrote eight months after the attack. “When something so opposite and so poisonous takes place in your world that is supposed to be everything but that . . . it is shocking and heartbreaking in a way that seems impossible to fully recover from.”

Grande went on to say that the people of Manchester inspired her to maintain hope in the face of violence and hardship. “The spirit of the people of Manchester, the families affected by this horrendous tragedy, and my fans around the world have permanently impacted all of us for the rest of our lives,” she wrote.

Grande continued, “I think of Manchester constantly and will carry this with me every day for the rest of my life.” Ultimately, her presents are just another way for Grande to honor the resilient community.