Alicia Keys’s Morning Cycling Workout Will Motivate You to Sweat Today

Don’t feel like working out today — or working, studying, or chipping away at your to-do list? Let Alicia Keys convince you otherwise. The Grammy-award-winning artist hopped on her stationary bike on Dec. 13 and shared a snippet of one very sweaty cardio session on Instagram, along with a motivational message for anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

“This is how I start my morning off!!” she captioned the short video, which shows Keys sweating on the bike and spinning along with an intense virtual class. “I need this!” Keys continues. “To stay focused, to be my strongest, to remind myself NOTHING can stop me!!”

The 41-year-old singer goes on to say that all too often, we stand in the way of our own success. “A lot of times we defeat ourselves before we even try,” she writes. “We think we’re not strong enough, not capable, not possible in someway. Trust me I know.” Pushing past that self-doubt is key, she says. “You are glorious!!” Keys says. “Anything you want you can have!! but u gotta get up and work for it!!”

For inspiration, look no further than Keys’s sweat-inducing workout. The star is known for taking her exercise seriously, which includes HIIT workouts with popular trainer Jeannette Jenkins of The Hollywood Trainer Club. She’s also a self-described “Peloton fanatic,” according to a 2020 interview with The New York Times, and Peloton instructors Robin Arzón and Tunde Oyeneyin made sure to stop by her IG post to give some encouragement. “YES!! Get it Queen!!!” Oyeneyin wrote. “I know that’s right,” Arzón added.

And as we can tell from Keys’s post, she doesn’t just work out for the sake of her physical health. “[T]he fitness side of my routine makes me feel clearer and more in my element,” she told the Times. “Otherwise I might be moody and not want to create.”

The mental health benefits of exercise are real and noticeable, and we love that Keys knows it — and wants everyone else to get the same buzz that she does from her sweat sessions. “Go get it today!” she signs off her post. “I see you!!!”

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