25 Days of Workouts: This Fitness Advent Calendar Keeps You Sweating All Season Long

25 Days of Workouts: This Fitness Advent Calendar Keeps You Sweating All Season Long

Screenshot of Shimmy, a fitness advent calendar app.

It’s not easy to squeeze in your workouts during the holiday season, and if exercise isn’t quite your top priority during the month of December, well, who could blame you? (Rest is important too, btw!) But the holidays can also come with a sleigh-sized load of stress and strain on your mental health, and as you probably know, exercise is a great way to relieve all of that. That’s the inspiration behind a new fitness app, Shimmy, that’s designed to help you get moving during the holidays, specifically — because it’s a workout advent calendar!

Yep, you heard that right. Instead of popping open a different chocolate every day (though you’re more than welcome to do that too), Shimmy provides a unique, seven-minute workout for every day of December leading up to Christmas. And for each person who finishes all 25 free workouts, the company has pledged to donate $25 to charities across America.

What can you expect from the workouts? According to a press release, Shimmy “features a group of diverse trainers who lead videos ranging from Bollywood cardio to boxing and yoga,” the app says, with the goal of “promot[ing] mental and physical wellness, along with a sense of togetherness and community during the busy holiday season.” You might even recognize some trainers from your favorite Class FitSugar videos. Say hi to LIT Method, Marnie Alton, and Christa Janine!

And speaking of busy, it’s OK if you miss a workout or two over the course of the challenge. Just make them up, finish all 25 workouts before Dec. 25, and Shimmy will still make the donation on your behalf, a spokesperson tells POPSUGAR. Two charitable causes that have already signed on: Baby2Baby, which provides kids living in poverty with diapers, clothes, and other necessities; and the Chris Paul Family Foundation, which works to level the playing field in education, sports, and beyond. Baby2Baby ambassador Jessica Alba is already fully onboard, so if you’re ready to sweat your way through December, Shimmy is available to download from the App Store now.

Image Source: Chris Escamilla